The Menstrual Cycle & Your Optimal Wellbeing

The Menstrual Cycle & Your Optimal Wellbeing

by Sharon Sztar

Would you like to learn how to flow with your menstrual cycle for optimum wellbeing?

When I launched my business a few years ago I named it A Seasonal Life because that’s essentially what life is. It’s a dynamic ever changing existence, yet also with familiarity as we keep returning to the same seasons.

We know that blossoms will come out in spring, the trees will grow lush and green over summer, the leaves will colour and then fall in autumn and winter will bring with it bare branches as nature moves inwards to regenerate.

As women this is something we experience on a monthly basis: our four weekly menstrual cycle is akin to the four seasons of the year, each with its own individual nuances. For many women this non-linear pattern is confusing and challenging; sometimes it even appears as if a completely different woman is surfacing from within.

And she is.

But what we’re never taught is how to embrace her and work with her just as we do with the shifting seasons.

In winter, we know to dress warm, stay cosy and eat comforting foods. We also feel more inclined to spend time inside and tend to sleep more. It’s innate to us.

What if we knew to apply the same logic to the winter of our cycle, which is menstruation, and usually also the dark moon phase. Just like nature, we’d understand that this is our regeneration time; a chance to go within and rebuild for the coming spring.

Each month we as women go through four phases of our cycle that give us access to different qualities and abilities. We have a powerful, diverse skill set that is often undervalued because of its apparent erratic-ness.

By tapping into the heightened strengths and challenges of each week of our cycle, we can actually enhance our work, health and personal life. By knowing when its best to move and when to rest; when to use our logical brain and when to access our intuition; when to socialise and when to focus on our inner world, we begin to work with our strengths when they are peaking and support our shadows when they are rising.

We also minimise fertility and menstrual difficulties, such as heavy or scant bleeding, cramping, PMT and PMS, as most of these are caused by not knowing how to effectively align with the nuances in our cycles.

By embracing our cycles, we embrace our lives.

By knowing how to flow with our cycles, we increase the flow in our lives.

If you’d like to learn more about working with your menstrual cycle and how it could be the missing piece in your overall wellbeing as a woman, please join me in our one-day Bleed – own your cycleworkshop on Saturday, 19 May. It will be a nurturing and nourishing day where we will explore the four phases of our cycle, as well as how they connect to nature and the moon’s phases.

You’ll leave the day with a tool kit filled with food, lifestyle and movement practices that will assist you in harmonising your cycles and your life.

Sharon will be holding her workshop on May 19. Please click here for more details. 

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