Welcoming all the Transformations by Andrea

Welcoming all the Transformations

by Andrea

As we move into April we notice more and more all the seasonal changes that are coming about. Daylights savings has just ended, and the days are getting shorter and shorter. The trees are now beginning their magnificent transformation from yellow, to orange, to red. Welcoming all these changes and shifts whatever they might bring.

As a new practitioner at Qi Crystals I am here to offer help in bringing about any changes you wish to see. Here to help you transform and transmute into your own true Divine Essence. Everything becomes an opportunity to transform all the old densities into pure gold.

I have been guided to use a John of God Crystal Bed to help anchor and bring forward any transformational healing and clarity needed. Newly shipped from Brazil the Crystal Bed helps to rebalance your chakra points whilst you lie below it. It also acts as a portal for Beings of Light who can help heal and transmute old emotional blocks.

I first encountered the Crystal Bed when I went to see John of God in Brazil in 2012. I had never heard of him until that point. I met someone who had just come back from a journey there. Something about it all immediately captured my imagination, curiosity and sense of adventure. I had to see it all for myself. A few months later, and there I was!

It was a powerful journey. I remember being struck by the warmth of the energy there. I didn’t entirely know what to expect, and I’d never felt that kind of energy before. I am only just now coming to understand the role it played for me in my own process of moving old stuff into light.

If you would like to experience the Crystal Bed for yourself, or would like an intuitive reading or energetic healing, I will be at Qi Crystals Saturday the 7th and 21st of April.

I also offer healing transmissions online each month. This month there will be one on ‘Supportive Friendships’, and another on ‘Releasing Regrets’. April may be a month where some of us feel quite a strong sense of regret, so it could be a good time to release some of it.

Please see my website for further details, or feel free to get in touch.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead, full of positive transformations!


You can find out more about Andrea here.  

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