November Energies by Andrea

November Energies

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Let’s take a breath together as we connect within.  Asking for everything to slow down and lighten up.

Asking for all the radiant portals within us to begin to open and expand.  Getting bigger and bigger, lighter and lighter, as we allow ourself to emanate from within.

Let’s first spend some time with the solar plexus, asking for this to open up, loosen up, inviting all the organs to settle back into place.  Noticing all the tension that has accumulated, noticing it and honouring it, so that everything can then begin to relax back down again.

Opening up this vortex more and more, breathing into this portal, this seat of power.  Asking for it to begin to warm up and soften.

Now allowing for the golden light of the sun to come in and through this portal.  A golden light that tells us Trust This.  Trust that you are taken care of in every way.  Trust that we are here for you.

Taking a breath as we incorporate this essence, this vibration.  Allowing this vibration to infuse into all of your Being.

Now, let’s begin to ask for any other messages of support and wisdom that might be waiting for us.

Hearing and feeling the message of Love.  Of unconditional love.  That everything is perfect just as it is here and now.

This love that shares, we are here for you, we wish for nothing more that to guide you.  To bring you all that you wish for.  All that your heart wishes for.

Trust in Divine Presence.

Trust in the warmth of your heart.  Where that warmth takes you.

Over the next time period you will begin to find it easier to say ‘No’ to all that does not suit.  To all that tries to dissuade you, that tempts you to betray your own nature, your Divine nature.

Instead, let’s say ‘Yes’ to all that truly honours you, to what supports you.  ‘Yes’ to those who see your light and beauty, as you see theirs.  Saying ‘Yes’ to the angelic presences all around you, guiding you, waiting to connect with you.

Many are stepping out of false illusions.  Saying ‘No’ to false relationships, whatever they are, wherever they may be.  It may be false relationships to money, work and career.  It may be false relationships in friendship or companionship.

Together, let’s ask for help in saying ‘No’ to any forces that do not serve us.  That do not truly honour us.  That make us think we hare somehow missing out, or that we need to serve them.

Saying, with the help of Divine presence, a clear ‘No’.

Taking a breath.  Enjoying the sensation of being free to choose.  To choose without any sense of urgency.  Unhooking from everything and everyone.  From all expectation, from anything that pulls us down.

Let’s now consciously centre ourself in the heart.  In the beautiful heartspace, the only part that really matters.  Let’s breathe into this space.  Asking for it to grow, expand, lighten up.  Asking for softness to come in.  Asking to know what true tenderness is.

All is well, all is well, all is well.

Everything will unfold through Divine timing, through DivinePresence.

Wishing you inner resolve in the month ahead, as we continue to align with true light, purpose, and radiance.

Many blessings,


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