October Energy: Anchoring into the Heart & Discernment by Andrea

October Energy: Anchoring into the Heart & Discernment

by Andrea

Hello and welcome to the month of October 2019!


For the month of October ahead, the angelics wish us to connect with our heart space and use this as an anchor point or fulcrum.

Once we use the heart as a grounded point, then just like a see-saw we can take the weight or motion of the strong swings between the highs and lows.

In these accelerated times there is a lot coming at us, whether through other people, or vast amounts of information, the fast pace of technology, and so on. It is important to take the time to centre our self so that we aren’t overly destabilized, and to regain our personal equilibrium.

In the audio below we are energetically helped with this, so that we are centred and at rest within our self. It is from this point that we are more easily able to determine what is right for us, and to know when we are being whipped up about something that really is unimportant.

The angelics also wish for us to connect to Divine Truth and Discernment. We are reminded that Divine Truth is very different from what we believe is true, and what we have been taught is true.

Divine Truth is eternal. It may even be difficult or confronting to the mind and to our opinionated, and ultimately egoic, self.

Divine Truth will have different priorities or emphases to what society or humanity believes is important. Divine Truth may even be opposite to what we think is true.

The more we awaken, the more that the mystery only deepens, and what we once held to be an obvious truth, or even an obvious outcome, may not be so.

The angelics also remind us that we will never be shown things that we are not ready to see. That there is nothing to fear from what it is that they wish to share with us.

Blessings for the month ahead!




For the upcoming Qi Crystals Open Day I will be giving a free talk on ‘Connecting to your Higher Self’

It will be some time on Saturday the 26th of October, and the time will be posted on the Qi website in due course.

I will be sharing what the Higher Self is, and conducting a guided meditation helping you to connect to your Higher Self.

I hope to see you then!

I am available every Saturday at Qi Crystals for any healing that you need!

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