One Card Tarot Insight by Hayley Smith

One Card Tarot Insight

by Hayley Smith

What do you need today to meet your objectives and assist you to find clarity and peace of mind? When you’re seeking inspiration and guidance, your inner resources are always at your fingertips.

A One Card Tarot Insight magnifies the potential in your present and allows for harmonious realignment with a focus on one specific question.

Fantastic value at $19 per card, order online for your convenience and keep a record of your reading with a 250 – 500 word synopsis for future reference (see example).

Online readings are also available with 3 or 10 cards for greater depth.



Keyword: Integrity.

Values: Quiet contemplation.

Sometimes you want to be alone and even the attraction of a social life is not what you need in the present. Solitude is one of the best ways of connecting with your higher or ‘best’ self. Don’t wait until you’re burned out to make time to centre as you wont be able to pour from an empty cup. The Hermit/Seer is asking you to re-focus your energy on you for a Divine purpose. You have the power to change things yourself. Allow your inner wisdom to set in and see what intuitively emerges during this period of self-reflection.

As you replenish your spiritual cup, your relationships will benefit from greater integrity as you will have more confidence in yourself. In the New Year, any endeavours you undertake will have the blessing of the Universe and you will trust yourself more and be respected by your significant peers.

In the Spirit of contemplation, blockages can be seen and action steps to remove them may be taken, giving you the motivation and momentum for previously unforeseen opportunities for change. When your mind is clear you will benefit from clearer communication with other people.

The Hermit/Seer will assist wherever and whenever you are finding it difficult to see things from a rational perspective.

Pictured as a gentlemen, barefoot in nature, he looks skyward for inspiration, whilst holding a crystal that is infused with spiritual power. He does not need to focus on the crystal as he has faith that the Spirit is moving through him and that his gifts are naturally being attuned. He is without ego as he allows what is naturally meant be to manifest itself without judgement.

Hayley works out of our healing centre every Friday morning. Click here for more details. 

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