Usui Reiki Level 1 with Judith Leona Corazon

Usui Reiki Level 1

by Judith Leona Corazon

The Usui Reiki Level One workshop to be held at Qi in March can bring about fundamental changes in your life. At times of illness or stress we often crave clarity and ask ourselves:  “Why is this happening to me?” The study and practice of Usui Reiki can help you answer such questions in your quest for wholeness. And the results can be life changing.

Within the workshop you will learn how to give a simple and gentle, non-invasive and relaxing Reiki session to another. You will also receive several Reiki healings from the other participants yourself. Reiki is for everyone and can also be used for the treatment of other life forms such as animals and plants. Ultimately there is no limit to its uses.

You will be introduced to the Ancient Sanskrit system of Chakras and learn how they pertain to the functioning of your body in day to day modern life. We also touch upon the history of this particular method of Reiki which was channelled by Dr. Mikao Usui from Japan in the 1920’s.

Sacred attunements are performed within the workshop which actually increase your innate healing power and strengthen your connection to your intuition.

A comprehensive manual is gifted to you in the workshop which takes you step by step through the Reiki healing process and principles so that you can practise at home.

If you have felt that there is something missing which is causing imbalance in your life or health or relationships then Usui Reiki can provide that crucial key you have been searching for. It is a key to a whole new paradigm of healing. Issues on all levels – the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic/spiritual planes – can be brought to balance and therefore healing with this method.

The first step on this new, more empowered path starts with you enrolling in this workshop. Why not begin now?



Judith will be holding an Usui Reiki Level One workshop on March 10 & 17.

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