One Step Beyond by Suzy Rideout

One Step Beyond

by Suzy Rideout

Many of us get so wrapped up with our daily lives, there is little or no room left for examining what maybe ‘beyond’ our known and accepted reality.

If you are lucky, there comes a moment in time when something or someone emerges that can shine a little light on the magic, the wonder of nature and even the invisible world.

This is often attributed to a Shamanic experience, a glimpse of a world within our world that answers many questions you have not even thought to ask!

I have been working with a man whom I feel, is a Shaman and I have seen the magic, the wonder, first hand. Tony Sutcliffe. Not only does Tony open our eyes to his other worldly talents and gifts, but he is also able to heal with his hands, his trusted Ankh and hand crafted wand or staff.

If you take ‘One Step Beyond’ there will be no looking back, no more scepticism and plenty of fuel to light a fire of ongoing discoveries and moments of awe. I encourage everyone to investigate more and more possibilities that will and can add a new dimension to your thinking and therefore, your reaction to life. A new reality.

Tony Sutcliffe, is a psychic medium and ‘Negative Energy Removalist’ who works all over Australia and remotely, overseas. His healing powers are extraordinary  his ability to see, talk and work with Spirit offer interesting and absorbing stories.

Tony has recently returned from a tour of the Egyptian Pyramids and temples, marvelling at the beauty and intense energies. So this will add a twist to the way he demonstrates his own unique talents!

See more information on Tony Sutcliffe’s workshop here

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