April Energies: Connecting to your ‘I Am’ presence by Andrea

April Energies: Connecting to your ‘I Am’ presence

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

Welcome to the month of April and all that it brings!  This month there is a sense of new beginnings and a sense of the path ahead.  After all the stops and starts of the last several months there is a much greater sense of lightness and a clear, open road before us.  We may wish to take action and begin new projects this month.

In the later part of the month however, there may be a degree of expecting the unexpected particularly in relationships.

All month the solar plexus is being highlighted.  This will mean different things for different people.  It could manifest around issues to do with trust, fear, taking action, feeling protected, finances, your sense of self, and so on.

As the solar plexus is being worked on all month, it is a wonderful opportunity to welcome in the Divine ‘I Am’ presence.
The ‘I Am’ presence is your Divine essence.  An essence that radiates like the sun no matter what the circumstances.

So let’s take the time to connect to all the healing energies that can help us over the next few weeks.
Taking a breath… let’s connect to the exquisite expanse of space that is within you.  To all the angelic presences that wish to help you, and to the warm glow of love that emanates from your heart.

Let’s allow the heart to grow and grow.  Getting bigger and bigger, more and more radiant, more and more soft, yet resilient.

Let’s take a breath into the heart space and simply say ‘Yes’ to the warm presence that is You.

As we allow ourself to expand more and more, let’s now go to the solar plexus area, which is where the diaphragm is.  Notice that a small opening is being formed.  Notice the sense of a clear, open space within here.
The solar plexus is where we can store a lot of tension and fear.  For some of us it is so tight, it is like a giant knot.  However all this month we are being invited to simply allow a little more space here.

The more we can allow some space, the more that light can come in.  The more that light can come in, the more that gifts of love can come in.

Let’s notice that this space wishes to share a simple, self-evident truth, and that is: ‘I Am’.

‘I Am… what I am’
‘I Am… here’
‘I Am… infinity; pure expansiveness’
‘I, just Am’

Let’s breathe into this ‘I Am’ presence.

Let’s allow it to melt everything within, all false ego, all harsh judgements, and allow it to e.x.p.a.n.d.

Allowing for the ‘I Am’ presence to guide us, to show us our true self, our true nature.  A nature that cannot be contained, repressed, or made small.

Allowing our ‘I Am’ presence to begin to merge with the Absolute, with the huge golden rays of God itself.

No longer separate, no longer following a false egoic will, no longer thinking we need to do it all, be it all, know it all, but simply allowing ourself to bask in the golden light of the sun.

Trusting in God.  Trusting in the warm glow of love.  Trusting that you are enough.  Trusting that you will have enough.  Trusting that you will be protected, that you will be cared for.  Trusting that all will unfold exactly as it needs to, when it needs to.

Be you.

Be true to your radiant presence.

Be all that you are, all that you were created to be, and all shall be given unto you.

Many blessings, and honouring your journey.


Andrea works out of Qi every Saturday, holding a Meditation Satsang from 10AM and also offers the Crystal Healing Bed, and Readings. 

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