March Energies by Andrea

March Energies

by Andrea

Dear Heart

We bring you messages and frequencies to help you in the month ahead.

Taking a breath as we allow ourself to centre more and more.  Coming more and more into our body, and into this time-space.

Let us begin by unhooking from the collective field, and from the collective itself, and from all the day to day concerns in general.  Many of us connect to these energies out of habit and simply thinking that we ‘should’, or ‘ought to’.  However the more we connect to the collective the more we are drained and pulled upon.  Instead, let us ask the angels to close off these lower level portals to the outside world and all the longings and desires of the collective that accompany them.

Taking a deep breath as we disengage more and more, allowing time for all the angelic beings, all the beings of light, to restore our field and bring us back into balance.

Taking a moment to notice our breath, and using it to centre ourself.

Starting to open up even more to any messages and guidances that are wishing to come forth.

Inviting the angels in even closer, so that they can guide us even more, so they can support us even more.

The angelic beings are sharing that after the intensities of the last few months it would be wise to ground yourself as much as possible.  We can do this by spending time in nature, in beauty, or in seclusion.  The energies continue to bring out erratic swings both within us, and in others.  This quickly brings up overwhelm and confusion.  We are still within the ‘space between’, and in many ways things are on hold, or we do not know which way is forward just yet.

The pattern of the last several months of a 15 degree new moon, followed by a 1 degree full moon, continues.  This brings a sense of wishing to begin new projects, although this may be accompanied by an overwhelming urge to quickly shut the door on whatever it is that we feel is out of alignment.  All of this leads to a great deal of internal pressure.

Many are not sure what the next step is, or which way the path forward lies.  This can cause greater anxiety and a sense of unease.  Spending time grounding yourself, recuperating and recharging, is perfect for this time.

Like an ancient and immense tree, keep sending roots all the way down into the crystalline centre of the earth, bringing in grounding, rejuvenating energy to feed your beautiful core, and all your wondrous branches and leaves.

Many are working through patterns that are well beyond this current life time.  They are also moving past patterns that have haunted them and kept them enslaved life time after life time.  Because of this your field may strongly fluctuate.  Please take the time to notice the environments and energies that you are exposing yourself to.  Please also remember to always ask for the ‘hand of Light’, which is the Divine’s hand, to come in and lift you up into the heavenly, protected realms.

Remember to take care of yourself first.  Remember to take care of your field, and everything within you.  You contain the Universe.  You contain all the golden light of Divinity itself.

Others may make strong and immediate demands upon you, however you must always check within and first ensure that you are centred and balanced first.

Divine forces bring you frequencies of pure gold to help you in your journey.

We invite you to feel these fill up every part of your being, and the sphere of protection that you are within.

Archangel Michael and many other angelic realms will always protect you.  That is their greatest privilege.  Please connect to deeply protective energies in whatever form you wish.  Whether through golden shields, or a protective violet flame, or a protective bubble.  These protective energies are part of your natural state.  They are also particularly useful for whenever you feel that you are losing your way.

Please welcome in the energies of protection into every fibre of your being.  Energies that ground you, lighten you up, and sustain you.

The angelic beings celebrate you in every way.  They are here to fill you with elixirs of pure gold, like liquid sap.  Elixirs that will sustain you and enliven you.  Filling you out and nurturing every cell of your being.

Celebrating you and your journey in every way!

Many Blessings.


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