Whatever the reason they draw you, crystals have universal appeal, delighting people of all ages and backgrounds. These precious gifts from nature not only inspire wonder and awe, they are also useful tools integral to our survival and the development of our civilisations both past and present.

For thousands of years crystals have been objects of great value and historic interest, with almost every culture sharing a long-held belief that the crystals’ ability to store and transmit energy also makes them powerful tools for healing.

Whilst their unique ability to store, transmit and in some cases amplify energy is well established; not enough research has been done to conclusively say that a particular stone will have a desired effect or live up to its reputation in specific instances or for each person.

Just like us, no two crystals are the same, therefore it makes sense that each crystal will relate to, and affect each of us differently. Even two pieces of the same stone can look and ‘feel’ quite different. So no matter what you read about a crystal or what someone else tells you about a specific stone, be open to exploring this new and unique relationship for yourself.

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