September Energies: Restructure and Realign by Andrea Oneness

September Energies: Restructure and Realign

by Andrea Oneness

Dear Heart,

We are each awakening so quickly now to what truly is right for us. We are feeling more and more confident to simply step away from all that does not serve us, from all that will never serve us. It is not a matter of ‘working on’ ourself, but recognizing that certain alignments pull us down, or out, no matter what.

Let’s spend a moment together connecting with the Divine, with God, with Spirit. Breathing in, coming into centre, and asking for our beautiful heart space to begin to open. Not opening up outwardly to the Universe and the world at large, but inwardly, to Divine Presence.

Inviting Divine Presence in and through us. Breathing in this essence, this beautiful vibration, that is always here for us. Inviting Divine Presence into every single part of our body, into all aspects of the Mind, so that the mind can come to know what this is, and into every part of our life.

As we connect with Divine Presence, let’s ask for any messages of support, insight, clarity into the month ahead.

For many of us, the month of September will be a wonderful time to recalibrate, realign ourself to our true purpose and path. To truths and ways of doing things that have always been available, we simply didn’t notice them. There may be a great desire to forge ahead and move forward with projects, and with decisions that have been on hold. As well as restructuring and culling all that is worn, out of date and unsupportive.

There is a new found confidence in which really is the right path forward. Regrets and misunderstandings no longer cling to us with the same degree of power. Each of us is becoming more and more sovereign. Willing to question conventional narratives, ways of doing things. Yet at the same time more and more willing to accept the incredible mystery of it all. More and more willing to surrender to the quiet, softly loving, Divine Presence within.

This Divine Presence urges us to follow our heart. To follow whatever it is that makes our heart leap up in joy. That in this we can do no wrong. That it is our time to shine. That all true heart alignments will be supported.

Realigning, recalibrating and moving forward into what is right for us. Enjoying the relief that comes from simply taking action. Whether it be something seemingly simple, or more complex. Not worrying about whether it is ‘perfect’, but simply for the pure enjoyment of it all.

Many Blessings in the month ahead as we restructure and realign to our new path!


News and Events:

My conversation with Lauren Galey has been rescheduled to Thursday the 13th of September at 8am. Please join me, or take a look at her website for many other amazing speakers and healers.

Two online transmissions are scheduled for this month.
‘Divine Masculine’, Sunday 16th September, 10am.
‘Divine Feminine’, Sunday 30th September, 10am.
Each call will help you to connect to this energetic vibration, clear any residual misunderstandings you may have about any important masculine or feminine figures in your life, and connect you to the higher essence of the masculine or feminine.

There is a new article on ‘True Spiritual Light’. This will help you to discern between true spiritual light and false light.

Please see my website for further information on any of these topics!

Andrea Oneness works out of Qi on Saturday’s, offering the John of Light Bed Healings, Spiritual Guidance & a Meditation & Satsang. 

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