September Healing Energies by Andrea

September Healing Energies

by Andrea

Energetic Healing Energies for September – Courage

Please listen to the audio below if you would like to connect to Healing Energies that the angelics would like to bring us for the month ahead.

Continue to expect the unexpected this month. There is a lot happening and many are in overwhelm., not knowing where to focus their attention.

Childhood trauma may be activated, either for yourself or the collective in general. This will be quite difficult for many, and if this does affect you please seek all the support and help that you need.

Astrologically Mars (action) is trine Uranus (the unexpected/change) and Chiron (deep wounding).

The Mars energy may make some more aggressive than usual.

Overall there will be several planets in Virgo, so there will be a drive towards refinement and precision, though waters run deep so there may also be greater sensitivity.

In this energy report with the help of angelic presences, I bring in a number of frequencies to help you over the next month.

To begin we will release any Trauma in and around the solar plexus. We will focus on a fixed point an inch or two above the belly button. The angelics will help us to lighten this area up, and

We will then bring in energies of Clarity and Discernment to help you navigate all the competing energies and the vast amount of information available to us. In these accelerated times noticing where, and how, we are being manipulated is important.

Lastly I bring in the most important frequency that the Divine wishes us to connect to, and that is Courage. The courage to continue on our path no matter what that is. The courage to seek illumination. Courage is a deeply protective energy, and gives us what we need to walk away from all forms of darkness.

Blessings to you,


I am at Qi Crystals every Saturday for Meditation and any Healing or Clarity that you need. Meditation is from 10-11.30. This allows time for a deeper meditation and any sharings or questions that may arise. I am available afterwards for personal appointments.

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