The best is yet to come by Alessandra del Basso

The best is yet to come

by Alessandra del Basso

Change is always unravelling in our lives and sometimes we get caught up in the “whirlwind” so suddenly it feels like the rug has been taken away from under our feet… Or like there is no air to breath. Let me tell you that “the best has yet to come” and changes in your current situation or way of living need to be released to make room for the best that is coming. At times the changes bring us to breaking point our emotions flare and it seems that all there is, is disaster . We have no control and this hurricane is devastating. But did you know that the centre of a Hurricane is actually total stillness and peace, you are just like a hurricane , inside there is a place of “stillness and peace” . Your Soul is always OK, it knows well the reasons for the changes. There are lessons to be learnt, new seeds are pushing to blossom and all of this requires for the old to go…..

It is important to remember that you are worthy of the best and the changes herald new opportunities, blessings & abundance. No matter what you have before you let it flow seek out those who can ease the transition. It’s not about “trying” to find a way out of it but just allow it. When you resist change to stay where you are comfortable , universal forces just push even more. Find ways to do the inner work, let yourself be guided where you can find those “who know” and can help you.

Meditation eases the pull to resist creating a space inside where you can find solace and love.

Imagine you are a Catepillar outgrowing the cocoon as you become the Butterfly. Pushing to find the freedom that you so long for, to fly to sky upon sky light and carefree. Life is a brief moment for the butterfly but it makes the most of the flight and each second is lived in freedom and joy.

Become the “Butterfly” out of the rubbles of change.

Luv and light to your heart

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