What is Hahnemann Healing? By Luci Pyman

What is Hahnemann Healing?

by Lucinda Pyman

Hahnemann healing is a form of healing that has been brought forward from the Schools of Learning in Ancient Egypt. It uses precise touch and precise colour to unblock emotions in the body causing suffering, ill health, negative thought patterns and pain.

It is an energy healing that works in a more specialised way than the traditional spiritual healing like Reiki. Reiki works by the practitioner drawing energy from the greater universe and dispersing it generally throughout a person’s energy field to give a sense of wellbeing. Hahnemann Healing is a stronger energy also drawn from the greater universe but specifically directed to points on the body relating to emotional blockages. It has the ability to help heal distinct emotional issues as opposed to a general wellbeing tool.

The nervous system is the body’s control and communication system. It links the brain to every part of our body including muscles, organs, moods and emotions. It is rather like a telegraph system carrying messages along pathways to varying parts of the body.

When a negative thought or emotion occurs, it is sent through this telegraph system and lodges itself in one of the pathways altering and impeding the overall function of the nervous system causing a disruption. If this is left unchecked, it can often lead to illness and pain. Hahnemann Healing uses these routes or pathways along the nervous system, understanding the energetic flows of the body and targets the blockages that are causing emotional or physical distress, providing the healing energy to bring the emotions to the surface to be addressed and resolved. It is a therapy that can form a significant part of the process to change and deal with the obstacles in your life so you can move forward.

Hahnemann Healing teaches you to be more aware of your mind and body, the cause of your pain, your feelings, and what emotions are holding you back from a more fulfilling life experience. Clients are left with a greater sense of peace and a feeling of freedom and upliftment.

If you book in the month of September 2 Hahnemann Healings you will receive the 3rd one for free.

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