How sleep impacts your health by Mary Gaynor

How sleep impacts your health

by Mary Gaynor

Studies are showing that there may be a link between Dementia and lack of / poor quality of sleep. I thought I would touch on this topic as it is a very real situation that more people are developing dementia and at an earlier age It is incredibly important that we get a good nights sleep so our bodies and brains can detox properly while we rest and therefore preventing those toxins from building up in us which can cause our health great harm .

Alarming as this sounds there are some simple things that you can do to help prevent this and to promote a great nights sleep:

  • turn off your wi fi at night
  • remove computers and mobiles from your bedroom
  • place some pot plants in your bedroom( soaks up EMFs and enhances quality of oxygen)
  • remove electric blanket from your bed ( or at least unplug it before sleep so you haven’t got electrical currents running through your body)
  • stop screen time at least an hour before bed
  • stop eating at least 2 hours before sleep: your body is meant to be regenerating while you sleep not digesting food
  • make sure you get plenty of natural light during the day as this is what activates the production of melatonin ( sleep hormone)
  • there are fabulous herbal teas and essential oils you can use to promote a restful sleep
  • actually tell your brain it is time to sleep and to switch to sleeping mode!!( sounds ridiculous I know)
  • place hands on belly and take 12 deep slow breaths in and out , breathe deep into your belly and out again

Anyway, give it a go, you have nothing to lose and your body and brain will certainly thank you for it !

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