The Spiral: New Modality on offer by David Lane

The Spiral has come to Qi!

by David Lane

Do you want to:

  • Drop loads of emotional baggage and conditioning
  • Improve your self love and relationships with others
  • Experience a dramatic shift in your career and sense of divine purpose
  • Feel better about life in general?

Any and all of these are known side-effects of doing The Spiral.

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Here are a few testimonies from clients whom have recently completed the Spiral Journey with me:

Since beginning Spiral so many things have changed for me. I think one of THE most empowering things was becoming aware of my negative beliefs and programs that were operating at an unconscious level.  David was able to identify with such precision, the exact age of when a trauma occurred, what energetic emotional imprint it left and how it was negatively affecting my current adult life.

Being able to release these deeply ingrained self defeating programs impacted my external world profoundly.

From being able to speak with clarity and assertiveness, to having a level of continuing confidence Iv never experienced before.

The spiral process has had the most amazing effect on my ability to BE my authentic self. No more fear, shame, or guilt. The heaviness I unknowingly carrying my whole life, that was sabotaging my success, limiting my ability to love myself and others, has now completely dissipated.

I feel such a relief it’s simply indescribable, but can only be experienced.

I’ve ventured upon many healing modalities over two decades and they have all been good. But the weekly chakra clearing sessions with David have had the most significance thus far. I have no hesitation in referring clients to him.

For anyone who is truly committed to letting go of their shit, spiral is it!”,

– Jo, Byron Bay

and perhaps my favourite:

”Felt like the world was such a beautiful place this morning – and just went with the feeling rather than trying to work out why.”


So what is it?    The Spiral is a specific protocol within a technique called Advanced Emotional Clearing – a blend of Kinesiology and NLP / Coaching techniques and models that creates an amazing synergy from the best aspects of those modalities.

I have been using Kinesiology for 10 years now and in the aspect of healing emotional baggage and dropping behavioural conditioning, Emotional Clearing and the Spiral seem light years ahead of the standard techniques used in Kinesiology – which are amazing, I’ve been using them for a decade.  But the Spiral seems to go deeper and create faster turnaround on the results.

Why? Well, in Kinesiology when an issue is presented and the blocked emotion underneath it is identified and released, you are working with that instance of that emotion only, e.g. Fear.   But what about all the other times you blocked your expression of fear?

Did you know that when you suppress the expression of the emotion it becomes ‘stuck’ in your body and you then anchor another emotion to the feeling of the first emotion being ‘stuck’?  Then next time the first emotion is triggered, the anchored emotion is also triggered… and if again you can’t express and release them ANOTHER emotion becomes anchored to the feeling of the first two emotions being stuck in your body and so on.   You can quickly see how this creates an ongoing build up of emotional tension in your body, which becomes so great that when it is triggered you will automatically go to one of your unique behavioural patterns that suppress the feeling or distract you from it in order to avoid the fear of being overwhelmed by it.  E.g. addictive behaviours, conflict, avoidance etc. For example you might anchor Fear to the feeling of Fear being blocked, and then anchor Shame to Fear and then Grief and then Anger and so on, so when Fear is triggered for you as an adult, you have Fear x2, Shame, Grief, Anger and 20 other emotions being triggered.  This is very difficult to stay present and conscious within.

Clearing deals with this by cleaning up your relationship with the original emotion; Fear in the example above.  So that when afterwards Fear is triggered for you, it is JUST Fear that you feel – not Fear plus 20 other emotions.  This means you have conscious access to your whole emotional palette again and can develop a much heightened awareness of your own perceptions and emotions and patterns that they create for you.

Awareness brings change.

The Spiral is a process, over 7 sessions , of clearing 22 of the most common triggers for the human mind; starting with Shame, Guilt, Fear, Grief, Paralysed Will, Anger and going right up to Peace, Joy, Love, Purpose (because you don’t want to have those blocked with negative emotional anchors!). That makes an amazing difference to your ability to respond to life, rather than react to it.

Some of the other Clearing sessions available are:

  • Chakra Clear:  Moving through the Chakras from bottom to top and clearing all the emotional blocks within them and ensuring complete integration across the 5 Bodies (Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Energetic, Physical)
  • Manifestation Clear:  When you have a specific outcome in mind that you wish to create.   Utilising the downward “Manifestation Current” of that moves energy from the Causal realm into the physical through you, we clear all the blocks you hold in relationship to the outcome you desire  from all chakras.
  • Wealth Resonance Clearing:  You unconscious mind holds the threshold of what you believe you are worth.    Why not give that massive upgrade and enjoy the tangible results it creates?
  • Quantum Clear:   Based on the DeMartini Breakthrough method, this helps you clear the major emotional triggers you have with a specific person create a balanced perception of yourself in relationship to them.  This is a super powerful method of clearing archetypes, but is only available to those whom have completed the Spiral. It’s just too much otherwise.

All of these can be done over Skype /FaceTime / Zoom/ Phone from the comfort of your own home.  Or in person if that’s what you prefer.

The best way to learn more about it all is to chat with me.   I have always made myself available for a free 20mins chat (Iin person) / demonstration for new clients.  Please make use of this offer to meet me, find out more about the Spiral / Clearing and the other work I do (Soul Synchronisation, Kinesiology, Alpha Alignment) and how it might help you have the life you want.  Call me on 0400 302 388 or email me on

…and here’s one more testimony!

Recently I found myself in a hole, mentally and emotionally. Feeling like any time I started to get a foothold and find my way out, I would slip and end up at the bottom again.

I spoke to … Dave. He has a very special gift – he’s a healer. An incredible kinesiologist and more recently a Spiral practitioner.  And so I decided to undertake the Spiral.

Spiral – in my basic layman’s explanation – helps you clear emotional “shit” and associated behaviours you inadvertently attach to the base emotions of your chakras, throughout your life.

Some of these sessions got pretty heavy and intense – I’d feel fairly tired immediately afterwards but usually clearer and lighter a few days later. After the last session though, I fell back to the bottom of the hole and for a couple weeks I felt like I’d never get out.

But I have!! Without doubt, it was through clearing all that shit that has helped me get here. Amongst many things, it helped me be open to receiving information that has led me realising I have a hormonal imbalance and have likely had it for a long time. Migraines/headaches, depression, anxiety, weight gain and fatigue were the main symptoms that made me arrive at this conclusion. I immediately had my Mirena removed, started eating healthier and taking a natural supplement …The 4 week headache I had been suffering from stopped within a couple days of starting. My brain fog is getting clearer every day too.

If you are interested in learning more about Spiral, contact Dave …The crazy thing about Spiral, is Dave can do it all via Skype/FaceTime or phone. From the comfort of your home! Blows my mind. Can’t recommend it highly enough. Truly amazing”.  

– Janet, Canberra




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