Choosing Crystals Through the Guidance of Your Higher Consciousness

Choosing Crystals Through the Guidance of Your Higher Consciousness

by Lida van den Berg

Physical consciousness differs from out of body consciousness. Out of body consciousness is experienced during deep states of meditation and near death experiences. There are those who have a heightened awareness of the out of body consciousness and are guided by this connection.

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The reader is urged to avoid separating the two states as they are actually part of the collective consciousness.

If you are reading this you may know of specific times when you accessed the collective consciousness from a conscious state. The state of knowing even when you don’t have all the facts. This may have occurred when making life and death decisions or decisions made within your personal life, such as career, health and relationships. There may have been times when you had thought of some-one from your past who then randomly contacts you.

The examples are limitless. Academia now dedicates research to this topic. The internet is a great resource to do your own research. If your conscious mind would like to be further inspired by the research on consciousness, cardiologist Pim van Lommel has dedicated decades to this topic and NDEs.

As the term consciousness is applied to the physical vibration of consciousness as well as to the expansive, non-physical state of consciousness the term higher consciousness will be used in this article to avoid confusion.

How are you able to access the expansive state of higher consciousness? In fact, this state is always there. When asked about crystals the most common question is “what is the best crystal for me?” and “how will I know if the crystal will work?” Crystals have a consciousness that is yet to be fully understood – intellectually. Those who work with crystals have a knowingness that they do work and trust this knowingness, trusting the guidance of the higher consciousness.

Those who choose crystals only from the state of physical consciousness may become overwhelmed. The intellect will tend to want all the facts. Reading books and listening to advice can be helpful but diminishes the wisdom you have access to when being guided by the higher consciousness.

When choosing a crystal from your personal collection or from a store, notice where your attention is being drawn. Be alert, as this may only be fleeting. Your attention may be drawn to a commonly known crystal and your intellect may dismiss this crystal being that it was one you had worked with in your beginning phase of working with crystals. Your attention may be drawn to a crystal that has no pleasing aesthetic features. If you are in a store and the crystal you are drawn to is beyond your budget look to the options. Perhaps there are smaller versions or ones of lesser quality, i.e. gem quality ruby or a lower grade ruby.

Once you have chosen the crystal as guided by your higher consciousness work with the crystal. For a time, resist analysing the crystal through research. If possible, carry it with you. If possible, daily meditate with your crystal by placing it on your body as guided (by your higher consciousness). After you sense your work with the crystal is complete then use the intellect to research your crystal. Also, note the changes that have occurred as a direct result of your work. A short note to tease the intellect, the consciousness of the chosen crystal had connected with your higher consciousness well before the intellect became aware of the crystal.

When guided by your higher consciousness you are honouring the infinite wisdom that is available to you.

Wishing you much joy

L&L Lida van den Berg



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