Making Past Life Regression Work For You by Dana Parker

Making Past Life Regression Work for You

by Dana Parker

You were born into this life with a soul. That soul is shaped by a personality that may be influenced by more than just THIS lifetime.

What were you in a Past Life? Aren’t you curious?

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Whether you believe in past lives or not, Past Life Regression is a proven therapy that allows the subconscious mind to shift negative or unhelpful beliefs or habits that block you from experiencing a joyful life. Do you have any phobias? Unexplainable dislikes of things? Reoccurring relationship patterns? Difficulties with money? Making decisions? Or love? Regression therapy can help.

Our soul is so much more vast than we realise. We all carry scars from our soul’s past and these scars may impact our current life. This is why sometimes we attract specific people, behaviours and situations into our lives and it feels like we’ve known them, been there, or done that before. Are you curious?

“Regression therapy is a gentle yet extremely effective form of healing”

While Regression sessions are relatively simple and achievable for everybody, sometimes that first session can be daunting. Sometimes your expectations and fears of not being good at regression or meditation can block a profoundly healing experience. Interestingly, I have found simply trying one experience of regression can significantly improve your meditation, your focus, your spirit contact and general self-awareness in ordinary daily life.

So, if you’re curious, you can try a little exercise at home. All you need is a comfortable space, roughly 20-30 minutes and a notepad and pen.  You can do this exercise while guided in this short video, just follow the link:

Preparation for Past Life Regression

  1. Create a quiet, relaxed space where you will not be interrupted
  2. Use candles, music, incense or anything else that represents a calming atmosphere for you
  3. Sit or lie in a comfortable position for you. Consider using pillows under your sit bones, head &/or knees if this makes you more comfortable.
  4. Begin rhythmic breathing: breathe-in for a count of 4 / hold for 4 / breathe-out for 4 / repeat
  5. Re-read the relaxation exercise at point 6 to get it clear in your mind.
  6. Close your eyes, continue rhythmic breathing and perform a progressive relaxation: start with telling your feet to relax and then continue travelling up your body. Send warm/relaxing thoughts to every body part as you progress up, until you reach your crown and your body feels heavy.
  7. Allow any scenarios to unfold behind heavy eyelids. If you don’t get any at first, relax. Just keep breathing. Notice any visions, sounds, feelings, inner knowing, tastes or smells that might come to mind. Allow them to unfold within your mind’s eye. Don’t judge what you get. This is VERY important.
  8. The centre of your imagination is the same part of the brain that receives inspiration from your higher self and the Divine, so be patient with yourself. Allow your inner sight to flow. It does not matter if you feel you are making it up. Just go with it. Things will become clearer and more accurate with persistence.
  9. When you feel like you’ve had enough, bring your attention back to your breathing, and back to your body. Write down anything that felt meaningful, remarkable or even strange.
  10. Make sure you have a glass of water or light snack to ground your physical body.
  11. Pay attention to your dreams over the next few nights as the body/mind opens up & forms shape. This might raise emotional issues that need work, or scenarios that require greater understanding for you to focus on during regression sessions.

Repeat for 7 days in a row, and then several times per month afterwards. Especially powerful during a full moon when the psychic energy is highest.

If you didn’t get much the first time, don’t panic! Your brain sometimes needs a little exposure to the exercise first before it will relax enough to allow the visions to follow. Also, some people don’t ‘see’ a lot, but they might instead get a sense, feel vibrations or hear more.

Just like when you are dreaming, your brain is in a Rapid Eye Movement (REM) state for this exercise. So it can feel the similar to a light sleep. Allow what unfolds to unfold for you and enjoy the journey.

For now, enjoy what you get no matter how bizarre it might seem. You can judge what happens later on, if you so choose.

Feel free to join me for the next group regression experience, where we visit a past life and the between lives space (where we go between our incarnations) to receive insight, clarity and messages from your Guides, deceased loved ones and the Divine beyond. Or consider booking a private session – a discounted introduction session runs for approximately 60 minutes.

Good luck with it! I’ll see you in your next regression visit.

Much love,

Dana Spirit Butterfly



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