Introducing: Julien Orriols of Yoga Essence Institute | Part 2

Introducing: Julien Orriols of YOGA ESSENCE Institute.

Part II: About Yoga Essence

by Julien Orriols

We do not believe in a strict protocol or alignment of posture, rather a way of initiating or furthering your inner journey, be it purely for physical achievement, emotional and hormonal balance, deep relaxation, soul healing or spiritual awakening.

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As Marcel Proust said:

“The real voyage of discovery consist

not in seeking new landscapes,

but in  having new eyes.”



Yoga Essence Institute aim is to help raise the global community’s mindfulness through Authentic Yoga & Meditation as well as related ancient healing methods to improve Human Condition and on a greater scale, Mother Earth and the Universe.


We recognise every individuals may need different methods to trigger awareness, be it at a physical, energetical, mental or more subtle planes.

Traditional Yoga is holistic by nature and caters for beginners who want to discover their true potential through to advanced yogis seeking to connect on a deeper level. We endeavour to offer our community Private & Regular Public Yoga Classes, Workshops, Retreats, Group Programs and Community Events to help them find the way within and realise their full potential.


We seek to follow Yogic principles to promote Authenticity, Mindfulness, Integrity, Truthfulness, Service to the Community and generally Right Doing to others and the planet.


I know many of you (if not all) by now have already wondered at least three times: “but what style of yoga is he talking about?”.

We are talking Classical Yoga here, there is no “yoga this way” or “yoga that”…just pure Yoga, which literally means “Union”. Only the Teacher will have a teaching style, a way in which he will guide you through the mystical science of Yoga for you to discover yourself and experience bliss.

Modern society’s materialism has this need to label things but in regards to yoga, at most you will have “lineages” that have evolved over time, however they all originate from the Vedas (ancient Sanskrit texts).

One thing I want to make very clear right away: Yoga is not a religion. Yoga is a lasting practical science addressing the physical, mental, energetical and spiritual welfare of all humans.

Yoga is older than religion and has its origins in Ancient texts like the Rig Veda (written 5,000 years ago). Patanjali systemised it in his 196 Sutras, out-laying the eight-fold path of Ashtanga Yoga. Later the Hathapradīpikạ̄ compiled the principles of Hatha Yoga.

Thus, we endeavour to provide you with the most authentic form of Yoga by combining these two ancient methods. All the Yoga “styles” you may have heard of; Vinyasa, Kundalini, Nidra, Yin, Therapeuthic, etc have their origins in the old texts and you will be exposed to it in some form or another.

We blend the Ancient Wisdom of Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga systems into an amazing and comprehensive practice to restore and maintain your Health, soothe your Mind and uplift your Spirit.

It is delivered in a simple way, yet real and effective. No fluff, gimmick or pampering feel good spa type of thing. Nonetheless, you will experience a sense of deep relaxation.

Classes will challenge you physically and mentally with Asanas (posture), Breathwork and Meditation practices, and this combination is what triggers body healing and deep relaxation.ner journey and attain your Life’s full potential.

Who is this Yoga for?

Absolutely everyone is welcome, classes cater for any adult. “Where you are at is fine and NOW is the right time”.

Beginners – misconception of flexibility: Yoga is not so much about flexibility, however it will definitely improve.  Whether you are completely new to Yoga, coming back to it or are still exploring the “different Yogas”, you have come to the right place. You can learn in a safe environment at your own pace.

Intermediate – If you are still looking for a practice you feel comfortable with and want to advance in your practice, you will love the diversity of techniques and will surely discover new facets of Yoga…and yourself.

Advanced – Long time practitioners who might plateau, rediscover Yoga or are ready for a more complete practice or seeking to find deep spiritual connection.

Why is this yoga so good?

Early in my Yoga journey, I had an Indian individual teaching me traditional Yoga above the Ghats in Varanasi, who told me: “Yoga is one third physical exercise, one third breathing and one third meditation”. This was a very special moment of my life, yet I did not really understand either the practice itself nor that it was the beginning of something great for me.

I can now attest this is the way to practice to truly find yourself and begin your inner journey. Forget about doing the splits, all the handstand and contortionist variations…this is about the energetic and spiritual dimensions it brings about which you will rarely find anywhere else.

With this holistic practice you will encounter physical ecstasy, nurturing relaxation, healing, blissful moments, a general sense of well-being, eventually leading you a pain-free life which some call happiness.

What can it help with?

  • Many back issues (Chronic pain, Lower back and sciatic pain, scoliosis)
  • Muscular cramps (Nervous system deregulation)
  • Insomnia and stress
  • Headaches )Migraine) due to chronic neck tension
  • Many chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis (regular practice)
  • Heart Disease by lowering blood pressure, cholesterol and resting heart rate
  • Indigestion and bloating
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Poly Cystic Ovaries
  • Controlling your blood sugar levels helping diabetes
  • Even Cancer (Breast Cancer)
  • And many more…

No need to state the physical practice benefits which is supported by medical science, however what is often forgotten and less practiced is something I mentioned before: Meditation. In fact, all the physical preparation that are Asanas is to deepen the Meditative practice. And Science is now catching up with thousands of years of Meditation Wisdom. Recently, with Neuroplasticity and the advent of new technologies scientist are beginning to verify the positive impacts of meditation know by practitioners for thousands of years.

So Why Meditate?

A regular meditation practice has many benefits and here are a few that are now backed by scientific research:

  • Decreased Anxiety by controlling your fears.
  • Better impulse control.
  • Increased ability to overcome cravings.
  • Increased Compassion.
  • Improved attention and mental processing (increased gray matter).
  • Improved immune system response.
  • Prevention of depression.
  • Reduced cognitive decline from aging.
  • Improved creativity.

At Yoga Essence Institute we teach meditation as an important part of the Yoga practice in our Classes, Workshops and Retreats using varied techniques and ancient knowledge. You will learn the Art of Meditation more easily than you think. It may take a different amount of time for people the experience the benefits of meditating but eventually you will find more clarity, happiness and peace.

We want you to live this life, your Life, to it’s full potential, for your well-being as well as the bettering of others, Nature and the whole Universe.


Love, Peace, and Light.

Julien Orriols

Founder of YOGA ESSENCE Institute



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