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You Don’t Need to Escape the City to Find Peace by Romy Norich

You Don’t Need to Escape the City to Find Peace! by Romy Norich Many of us know how relaxing it is to spend time in nature – surrounded by the wilderness, walking in the woods, sitting by a river or playing at the coast. Every year thousands of us flock up north to immerse in […]

Introducing: Julien Orriols of Yoga Essence Institute | Part 2

Introducing: Julien Orriols of YOGA ESSENCE Institute. Part II: About Yoga Essence by Julien Orriols We do not believe in a strict protocol or alignment of posture, rather a way of initiating or furthering your inner journey, be it purely for physical achievement, emotional and hormonal balance, deep relaxation, soul healing or spiritual awakening.  [showhide […]

Introducing to Qi: Julien Orriols of the Yoga Essence Institute

Introducing to our Qi Healing Centre: Julien Orioles of Yoga Essence Institute Part I: About Julien  by Julien Orriols Hari Om Yoginis and Yogis, My name is Julien, I came to Melbourne from France over 14 years ago. I am glad I did as it is here that a friend introduced me to Yoga about […]