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Introducing: Julien Orriols of Yoga Essence Institute | Part 2

Introducing: Julien Orriols of YOGA ESSENCE Institute. Part II: About Yoga Essence by Julien Orriols We do not believe in a strict protocol or alignment of posture, rather a way of initiating or furthering your inner journey, be it purely for physical achievement, emotional and hormonal balance, deep relaxation, soul healing or spiritual awakening.  [showhide […]

Introducing to Qi: Julien Orriols of the Yoga Essence Institute

Introducing to our Qi Healing Centre: Julien Orioles of Yoga Essence Institute Part I: About Julien  by Julien Orriols Hari Om Yoginis and Yogis, My name is Julien, I came to Melbourne from France over 14 years ago. I am glad I did as it is here that a friend introduced me to Yoga about […]