You Don’t Need to Escape the City to Find Peace by Romy Norich

You Don’t Need to Escape the City to Find Peace!

by Romy Norich

Many of us know how relaxing it is to spend time in nature – surrounded by the wilderness, walking in the woods, sitting by a river or playing at the coast. Every year thousands of us flock up north to immerse in the natural beauty of the tropics, the coast or even the desert, to feel a sense of openness, perspective and togetherness with the world that nature inspires.

I used to spend as much time as possible escaping Melbourne to get away from the hustle and bustle of people and society, to find peace and quiet and relax. Awed by the majesty and beauty of other countries and special spots with no traffic noises. Really, what I was trying to do was get away from my own thoughts and feelings and it seemed that in nature they would relax for a while.

When I met the Balanced View training I discovered this peaceful, expansive and relaxed nature that I loved about the countryside was actually my own true nature. I discovered I could access this natural intelligence at any time wherever I was and whatever I was doing. I didn’t need to go to Byron Bay or to India or to Bali. It was here all along. The training introduced to me to the nature of my mind; clear alert cognisance, a vast awareness that is looking through my eyes.

I realised that all thoughts and emotions were like the breeze in the air, a rainbow in the sky. They appeared, stayed for a while and then resolved naturally. I didn’t need to get away from them. I didn’t need to book a flight and go to India to find peace, I didn’t need to organise a trip up North to find relaxation, I didn’t need to go on a yoga retreat in Bali to create more positive thoughts about my situation or my body. I didn’t need to do anything to get rid of any of my seemingly ‘unrelaxing’ negative thoughts and emotions. I could be anywhere, even in the middle of Chadstone shopping centre and the peace that I found in nature was accessible there too. There was no escaping it. The Balanced View training empowers me to recognise in my own direct experience that true peace, harmony and bliss come from within. It doesn’t matter what my thoughts and emotions are doing or saying – peace is obvious!

So now, I still love being in nature but I don’t need to go there to relax, to rejuvenate, to get something. I go there to just enjoy myself as I am. My peaceful, intelligent nature is always on, inseparable from all thoughts and feelings.


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