Healing & The Old Ways

Healing & The Old Ways

by Heidi Williams

Have you ever wondered how your ancient ancestors saw the world and what wisdom they held? Well I have good news for you. Nothing is ever lost! Every cell carries a memory which holds impressions of everything we and our ancestors have experienced. All the unique wisdom of our ancestors is held in this cellular memory within each cell in our bodies. Through ancient healing practices such as Core & Cellular Transformational Healing we can unlock their hidden wisdom and gifts! Plus we can permanently release old trauma and disease that we carry from our lives, from our past lives and from that of our ancestors!

This ancient and powerful healing practice comes from the pre-celtic people in Ireland over 3000 years ago. It is ’The Old Way’ invoking ancient pre-celtic healing transmissions and using active, living, mystic prayer or incantations. Through this rare and unique form of healing we can clear, purify and regenerate the core cellular and soul memory where trauma, disease and programming is stored at it’s origins. This healing work plugs us into the source energy of great spirit or ‘nature’. As this powerful transmission of high sacred healing energy runs through our bodies it starts to expose, release and dissolve anything not based on love and the growth of consciousness. It is an energetic and telepathic process where we ‘unlearn’ old patterns and programming which are not congruent with what our soul has come here to experience and explore. Old configurations and trauma, imprints of sickness and disease, old ways of thinking and being and any blockages we carry begin to dismantle and and are permanently released. As we release that which is not our true self and breathe in new life, passion and creativity our lives are changed, we are lighter, more fulfilled and we learn how to look through, dissolve and melt away the veils of illusion, that keep us separate from our true power, passion and gifts!

Through this process we can not only communicate WITH nature but we can exist AS nature just like our native ancestors did. We often say we are going to go for a walk ‘in nature’ but this is actually not possible as we are a PART of nature itself! It is a ‘remembering’ of our true nature and of what we have come here to experience.

Come and experience it for yourself and join me on a journey to turn your pain into love, say goodbye to who you are not and deepen and awaken to the true, divine and best possible version of yourself in my weekly Transformational Healing Gatherings every Tuesday 7pm-10pm $45. And as an introductory special I am offering a FREE Transformational Healing Gathering and information workshop on Saturday 9th September 7pm-10pm at Qi Crystals where you can explore and discover this healing work free of charge. Come leave everything you know behind and venture with me into the mystery!

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