Do I Need To Take My Anger Seriously? by Maurice Katting

Do I Need To Take My Anger Seriously?

by Maurice Katting

What do we learn from anger and what does this emotion teach us? Is it a way of highlighting a disparity, when we feel a boundary has been overstepped or when we feel who we are isn’t being acknowledged? When we sit in the awareness of our anger we can process for ourselves what the anger means beyond the other person’s actions, and choose if we need to take action to resolve a situation. Or is the work more internal? Do we need to readdress the way we view an interaction with someone or our expectations of it? Is the process a solo effort, dressing our wounds, accessing and healing deeper layers of a reappearing pattern?

When we’ve addressed our concerns and taken action to redeem them, whether externally or internally, does there come a point when we just need to say to ourselves, “stop taking yourself so damn seriously!”?

If you sat down and wrote a list of all the horrible things people have said about you in your life, you could go through the list and systemically assess each description. Do these opinions matter? Are there some valid points? Are some of these descriptions accurate? If so, is it a bad thing or is it just a thing? If it feels like it’s completely someone else’s projection do we know ourselves enough to not be in fear of that label? And if we can see how some people would see us in a certain way, do we need to hold on to establishing to the world that we don’t fit that description? Can we just be ok with it?

If we were angered by something in the past and it meant so much to us then, are we still needing to justify our rejection of the projections of others and what they thought of us? Or do we reach a point where those projections exist on one level and we can exist on many levels? Can there be times when we identify with our personality selves and how the world may see us, and times when we identify with the non corporeal or defined versions of ourselves, where we are not our names, our bodies and human forms? When we hold ourselves in unidentified forms and then return to our human identification, does our anger still hold validity?

How much of the fight for justification is necessary for us to carry day to day? What is worth fighting for? The less we are fighting for things it seems the less we need to fight for things. But this not apathy or disinterest in the world. It is going beyond the pitfalls and separations of form. It can be likened to the idea of protesting from a state of unification with all life. The more we feel we need to justify the more we feel taken away from our formless identities, but our formed identities seem to keep changing anyway. So why be upset? Why do we still need to be pissed off? Why do we still need to be in that argument from 1986?

What does it ever really prove anyway? What does proving a point mean? We can debate til the cows come home and both sides can feel that they are not being heard or recognised, and sometimes we aren’t recognizable, just as much as we may not be recognizing others. The capacity to recognize just isn’t there. When we’re pushing for justice or where we feel there has been and remains inequality, by all means we should use our voices as our expression is a divine tool. But what if the justification that we are fighting for is against a projection or a belief others hold of us of what we represent? Can we really “fight” for control of that? Do we need to release the duality in order to just be and not carry the weight and the struggle of requiring justification? How many times do we need to “prove the point”?

At some stage I feel we all reach less of a desire for the, let’s call it, 3D world debates and dialogues, which will always fall under the veil of separations, projections and distinctions. The constant identification with these 3D world identities traps us. Separates us from seeing reality in a different way. It also keeps pulling us back into the exhaustion of the fight for justification.

We all have a purpose and an expression which is valid. But is the way that we are utilizing our expression exhausting us by our identification with the 3D realm, or are we using it to transcend our reality and allow others to follow in their freedom?

Do we reach a point where we understand that we are wasting too much energy and concern with our need for justification when we still identify with the 3d realm? If it’s not actually teaching us anything anymore then do we need to take our anger so seriously? Cause if we can let that go then we don’t have to keep playing ball.

Maurice Katting is a Shamanic Healer, Reiki Practitioner and Vibrational Healer based in Melbourne, Australia. You can connect with him at & see him for appointments @ Qi Crystals

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