Individuality & Unity by Lida van den Berg

Individuality and Unity

by Lida van den Berg

Individuality is to be celebrated. Your unique nature is vastly different from anyone else’s. When you are celebrating the qualities that make you unique, others too, join you in the celebration. In the celebration you are less likely to denounce your uniqueness.

Once upon a time, conformity was encouraged, even expected. For example, you may be a person who has been encouraged by well meaning parents to travel the path of a solid career such as going through an apprenticeship or entering the field of science, or medicine, or law yet you crave to sing, dance and live a bohemian lifestyle. How do you choose? How do you choose and honour those who want the best for you? How do you overcome a cynical mind and honour your individuality?

Of course, a bricklayer can still explore the arts if the calling is there. The doctor can explore a bohemian lifestyle if the calling is there. Has your personality or style been affected by the need to be accepted or to please those you want to impress, impress people like parents, grandparents, older siblings, peers, work colleagues etc.

Humanity is gradually learning to co-exist in harmony with individuality. Currently in history, so many now feel safe enough to express what makes them unique.

Look at nature to witness the power of the diversity of nature, the collaboration between the many thousands of species that co-exist, existing in a state of harmony.

When individuals accept the many facets of their own nature from the heart space and express all that makes the heart sing an environment of acceptance and collaboration thrives. Unity is strengthened when individuals accept their own unique heart-centred qualities and the unique heart-centred qualities of others. Each being can enjoy heart-centred, free expression creating open and accepting styles of communication.

It all starts with you. Is there a calling whispering from your heart? Are you judging or censoring the heart-centred calling? Are you preventing yourself, or allowing others to prevent you, from expressing your individuality?

If this is the case, from a state of compassion, ask your mind “what is the worst thing that can happen?” When you get a response ask the mind again “what is the worst thing that can happen?” and continue in this fashion until the responses have been exhausted.

Keep Shining


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