Celebrating Your Beauty by Andrea with Oneness

Celebrating Your Beauty

by Andrea with Oneness

May is a wonderful month to connect to the beauty that you truly are. To know that you really are a divine and exquisite expression of beauty and light.

So many of us have so many judgements about how we look, and how we are in the world. Let’s take the time this month to notice all the self judgements we hold. Let’s also notice how much we tend to hide, how scared we are of truly expressing our own unique beauty and light, many times out of fear of recrimination from others.

Let’s spend some time simply allowing ourself to radiate the beauty and light that we are. Without holding back, without disguising it, without passing judgement on it, without trying to turn this beautiful light into something it isn’t.

Let’s simply allow ourself to radiate the way we allow ourself to breathe.

We simply are. We already are beauty and light.

Let your divine ‘I Am’ presence shine out.

For many this month may also bring up a continuing sense of urgency. There may be a sense that we are on a deadline to resolve to certain aspects of our life. Let’s allow ourself to slow down as much as possible and connect to inward peace. Things are moving fast, let’s not add to the pressure by harshly and unnecessarily judging ourself.

Everything is divine perfection. Let’s allow ourself to really know this. To know just how treasured and honoured we truly are.

This month I will be holding two online guided meditations and transmissions to help you connect to your true beauty. You can connect to these audio teleconferences from the privacy of your home.

The first on Sunday the 13th will be on ‘Shining Your Light’. Helping you to shine without fear of judgement or recrimination, and connecting to your ‘I Am’ presence or essence.

The second on Sunday the 27th will be on ‘Inner Beauty’. Helping you to dissolve all the judgements you may have about your body and appearance, and connect to true beauty.

For more information please go to: http://andreaoneness.com

For those who feel called to connect with myself, or the John of God Crystal Light Bed, I will be at Qi Crystals Saturday the 5th, 19th, and 26th.

The John of God Crystal Light Bed is a truly wonderful healing tool that I feel blessed to work with.

Wishing you a wonderful month ahead, full of Beauty and Love!

Andrea works out of Qi on Saturdays. You can read more about her here. 

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