How to find your Passion or what floats your boat? by Tina Orfanos

How to find your Passion or what floats your boat?

by Tina Orfanos

What is my Passion????

What am I here to do??

I’m sick of my job, I just don’t know how to get out of it, I have to pay bills

People always tell me to find a real job, or to give up my hobby….

Does this sound familiar??

Does this sound like you or someone you love?

So how do we find out what we are meant to do?

Whether or not you’ve had dreams to leave that daily 9-5 grind, or you want to perfect your talents, consider this….past lives…..inner child….passions….hobbies…LIFE

We are not living, we are forever doubting ourselves, our gifts, our passions??

So how do we find out what makes our heart sing??

What will make your boat float?

Well you can inventory your talents, don’t stress about what you’re good at but you don’t like doing it but those things that you love to do, you have a natural aptitude for and other people think you’re amazing at– what do you naturally turn to?? Ask your friends?? Many of my clients will come and say that they’re really good at listening, or they too can see ghosts, or they are natural born healers…

What did you love to do as a kid?? Were you the odd one out?

Before the grown ups got to us with all their should and shouldn’t

What did you want to do? What was your idea of fun?

Have you had any past life experiences or you have watched a movie or a tv series whereby you went…..ohhhhhh I know how to do this….

What is your pet hate? What annoys you the most?

Chances are that you might be an advocate for something…

Take note when you lose yourself doing what you love, when you hate it when someone interrupts you, you could do it 24/7 and never get tired….If you can do this as a job bingo you have your passion.

Nothing resonates so far?? Well then you have a blank canvas go out there and paint it, explore life!!

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