The Empath’s Creed In Love by Tina O Spirit

The Empath’s Creed In Love

by Tina Orfanos

Aaaahhhh you’re in love….and you’re an Empath…..Bless.

How did you find out you were first an Empath? Well you would be feeling EVERYTHING! You would feel the pain and the suffering, joy, lust, passion and everything else of others and not just people, but animals and plants too. The empath’s ability to feel becomes clairsentient. Their pain becomes your pain, their joy becomes your joy. The energetic boundaries bleed into each other.

You feel so much about the other person and you always look out for your other half’s point of view – yet your boundaries seem to get pushed each and every time. Why?

Because you get them. You understand where they are coming from, you know everything about them, you feel everything from the moment they get up, to the moment that they go to the loo, to the moment that they think about you, to the moment that they lie… And that hurts, it hurts when they decide that you are not the one. It hurts when they decide to cheat, it hurts when they decide to lie to you. This makes it difficult for you to trust sometimes and makes the process of falling in love a bit more painful. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

An Empath in love is a force to be reckoned with, when you go in with all your gifts and you know who you are, you won’t take s**t from anyone.

When you have clear boundaries, you have self knowledge of who you are and where you come from, you learn to distinguish your feelings from others, then falling in love is a bit easier.


1. Know Thyself. So you can learn to separate your feelings from others.
2. Honour Thyself. And your feelings, they are real.
3. Love Thyself. Because no one will love you more than you.
4. Trust Thyself. The information that you’re getting is real.
5. Be Honest with Yourself and others. Sometimes, even when your voice trembles speak up state your truth.
6. Spend time alone. I know sometimes you hate it but go out in nature talk to the trees, the animals, the ocean, see what they have to say. 
7. Spend more time with animals. They are our besties – unconditional love!
8. Find out a way to clear yourself. Should really be number 1, but find out what works best for you to clear your feelings and everything else from others, whether it’s sage, salt baths etc…
9. Avoid Toxic and Negative people. Including family.
10. Avoid Drama. Including your own.

Simple things to take note and life will get much easier not only for you but for your partner.

Tina’s passion to reawaken your passion for you again and help you find your True North. She facilitates Soul Readings, Healings, Spiritual Development Classes and Workshops out of Qi Crystals.

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