February Energy Report by Andrea

February Energy Report

by Andrea

Dear Heart,

You are the heart of the One, the One Supreme Being, the One essence. You are the manifold expression of Divine essence, of God essence.

You are being separated from worldly concerns. From energies that limit you and cause you to engage with lower levels that do not serve you.

As you separate from these lower realms, your true realms – which are the realms of the heart – are becoming more and more accessible to you. In these true realms everything opens and flowers within you. These are realms wherein all of creation blooms around you. Greeting you, and honouring you.

As we take a breath, let’s ask for messages of love and support for the month ahead. Let’s ask what it is that God wishes to share. Let us arise more and more into the heart so that we can enter into the mind of God.

The most important message from the Divine itself is:

DO NOT FEAR. Do not be afraid.

Know that you are protected at all times.

Know that help is always at hand. Ask for help from God, from Angels of Love, and from the true Jesus, whenever you need.

You are being tested. The more you are ready to step away from darkness, the more your inner resolve is tested. Through these tests, character and integrity are

formed. Much is being separated from you in these times of transition.

Stand clear, tall and free.

To help you further, a frequency to help you be centred is coming in.

Take a deep breath, and breathe in this ‘Centred’ energy. Let it fill your vessel with light, from the spinal column out. So that you become a column of light. Able to stand and radiate divine presence regardless of external circumstances.

Feeling pure white light fill the entire torso.

Allowing this column to now fill all of the body, the legs, feet, arms and hands, to the very top of the skull.

Allowing this white light to grow even more so that you are completely within a beautiful white sphere.

As you do this, notice how you are becoming more and more centred. More and more whole. Complete. Radiant.

Filled only with light and God presence.

Detached from the mundane world.

You are being freed. Freed from eons of misunderstandings. Liberated.

As each continues to mature during this period of time, there may be a sense of loss. A sense of disconnect for you, as you are no longer gripping onto the world.

There may be a sense that you are unsupported. Alone.

However, you are actually more supported than ever by the light realms.

Overall there will also be a sense of needing to move forward, to finally take action on matters that have been long delayed.

During the first part of the month ahead the third eye will be activated. Inner knowing and wisdom will be more available. You are invited to use this time to go within and access other sources of information.

Things will continue to come seemingly out of the blue. Jolting you. Catching you unaware. Hence the need to come into centre, and consciously connect with Beings of Love who can help.

Various frequencies and aspects are fading out of your lives. Aspects that were not in true alignment.

These are gradually being replaced by aspects and energies that you can connect to at a higher level, at a higher frequency.

These new aspects allow for a fuller expression of your own true nature. The more you can express your Divine Nature without fear of recrimination or shame, the more the Divine can give to you.

Through this process you are being liberated.
Freedom and liberation will be more and more available in the second half of the month. This will be accompanied by a sense of new beginnings and opportunities.

We know how difficult this process is. Honouring your beauty, courage and perseverance during these accelerated times. You truly are being given everything that your heart has longed for.

Wishing you many blessings in the month ahead,


Other news and updates:
Andrea is her ‘Higher Self’. She is able to separate you from negative energies, and connect you to true light and love. She is also able to feel into your energetic body and access information that you need.
She is available for meditation, clarity and healing that you need in any aspect of your life every Saturday, and available on other days by appointment.
This month she will hold two online guided transmissions. The first is on opening the Third Eye and ‘Inner Knowing’. The second is on the throat and ‘True Expression’ – helping you to express your divine nature.
Please go to: http://andreaoneness.com for more information.

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