Changing Thoughts Change the Structure of the Brain by Lida van den Berg

Changing Thoughts Change the Structure of the Brain

by Lida van den Berg

In my years as a therapist and teacher I regularly get to witness the magic that occurs for people who step into the Spiritual arena. There are many reasons why people are drawn to spiritual practices ranging from a need to heal trauma through to curiosity. No matter the reason, change is inevitable for all who do.

What I have witnessed in others is a change in the frequency which I can identify when I see a glow, not just an energetic glow, but also a physical glow. Most times this witnessing occurs after the individual has been travelling a spiritual journey for some time. This journey does not have a formula but can only be governed by the traveler who is seeking more depth to life.

Of late I have been greatly inspired by the book “The Brain that Changes Itself”. Please note, there are elements to this book that are uncomfortable to read – more specifically the scientific research used to explore the workings of the brain. Whilst the book does focus on the amazing abilities of the brain, I know that when one invites change into their lives that this change has great affects physically as well as energetically. Science is on the cusp of capturing evidence that our intentions are powerful.

In this year you, the reader, are being encouraged to nurture your thoughts, to pay attention to what inspires you no matter your limitations.
If you are suffering greatly begin to invite possibilities by asking “how can I heal this suffering?” If you are in a situation that is frustrating, be it work, residence or relationship ask yourself “what’s the smallest step I can take to feel free?” If you are generally feeling lack-luster, ask yourself “what can I do to feel inspired?”

The key to living a rewarding life is consistency. Be consistent in listening to your inner voice. The voice that only wants for you to live a life that fills your heart with peace and love. The listening may take great courage and compassion for self as outdated, ingrained and limiting thoughts are in the process of change.

Small actions as you move closer to your intentions will support feelings of doubt, fear etc. The first action is to regularly visualize or have a sense of seeing yourself in a state of joy or freedom or whatever the preferred state. The next action may be to research an area you are interested in. Explore your preferences then research what steps to take, remembering to keep each action small. Small rewards at each step provide motivation for an ingrained mind set.

If you truly believe that change is beyond you then I highly recommend regularly attending a meditation group. The unified energy of the group supports each individual even if you do not reveal your personal story.

Keep Shining
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