Is This A Nurturing Behaviour? By Hilary Monck

Is this a nurturing behaviour? Part One

By Hilary Monck

You know that feeling….

Something feels ‘off ‘ but you can’t quite figure out what it is, a feeling of disquiet that leaves your soul uneasy, perhaps a sense of disconnection. Not a physical ailment, yet an ache, all the same. Perhaps soul is not the right word for you, but you have the sense of what I say.

Perhaps over time, your ideas were not acknowledged and someone else received the credit. Maybe you felt frustrated when someone became angry at you for no perceived reason. Possibly going around in circles, just not gaining traction despite all your efforts.

And you didn’t speak out

Or you felt you had no voice

That no one would hear you

That it didn’t matter anyway

So you dismiss that disquiet feeling, the unease, again as trivial.

It was not an unfamiliar feeling, and it was not such a big deal, anyway.

Life moves forward and time rolls on, yet another year and that ache inside has remained. Despite trying to pacify it, with all manner of distractions, material possessions and wealth, you know it’s still there.


What would happen if you were to acknowledge this ache? That small sense of disquiet that hovers, there in the background.

If you were to stop.

Just stop.

And pay gentle attention.

And listen. To your Self.

Would this be a kindness to your Self?

Could this be a compassionate behaviour?

Only you will know.

If you stop and ask.

Is this a nurturing behaviour?


Hilary Monck (BPsych) is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist based at Qi Crystals in Caulfield, Melbourne, where she also runs a weekly meditation class. You can also connect with her at

Hilary facilitates a weekly Monday Meditation at 7:30PM

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