The Shaman & The Witch

The Shaman & The Witch

Maurice ( The Shaman ) from The Disconnect Healing Space & Kaliopi ( The Witch ) from Readings by Kaliopi teamed up together to share their talents and gifts in a space of learning psychic and spiritual development.

What each brings individually to the class, complements the others style, ideas, approach and area of expertise. Maurice, as the shaman, works with clients to help them process the emotional body, clear blockages, stress, mental blockages & energetically extract stagnant energies. Kaliopi, as the witch, works as a spiritual advisor, director and reader for her clients, helping them to see what the issues are around them and where they need to focus their energies.

The classes are informal, direct to the point, and instantly useful, as the teachers work together to address concerns, queries and issues that are relevant in the moment to the students that attend. No class is recycled, as they always work with what is relevant to the advancement of the attendees.

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