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Tumbled Stones

What is a tumbled stone?

A tumbled stones are small, rounded pebble made from any crystal or rock. To get this smooth shape they go through a process called ‘tumbling’ which involves placing them in a rotating drum mixed with water, sand, and ceramic pellets. This process mimics a river bed process and can take up to 6-8 weeks to shape and smooth off the stone into its final form.

How can a tumbled stone be used?

The smooth shape makes them perfect to carry in your pocket. Some women wear them close to the skin, tucked in to their bra. You can also keep them in your pillow case at night time. These special stones can also be used used for ‘Gridding’ and crystal healing.

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Aura Quartz & Variations

Tumbled Stone: Aqua Aura


Clear Quartz & Variations

Tumbled Stone: Clear Quartz